New York City Party Cruises
NYC Party Cruises

Party Cruises: Manhattan, Long Island, and New York

Written by Julie Greiner
Everyone knows Manhattan is an island surrounded by water and this makes for the perfect setting for a party cruise. You may take your pick from luxury yachts, party ferry boats to ocean liners for lease. When you plan your party take your pick of where you want your cruise to take you past.

New York City Party Cruise Cruises Past the Statue of Liberty

When your party's theme is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah you may plan it in the
afternoon or the evening. Cruising the New York Harbor in the evening with the skyline lights is very invigorating. Ellis Island may bring back memories for the AARP group. The Hudson Bay makes for a very nice trip and past Battery Park and Governor's Island may give some uniqueness to your voyage.

New York City Party Cruises to the Bronx and Brooklyn

When considering a party cruise for New Years the choices are almost unlimited. Your group can blow their horns andNYC Party Cruises holler out Happy New Years at the top of their lungs while cruising the New York Harbor. The man in the moon reflecting on the water will be the only one who hears.
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